Royal Treatment – Travel

There is a reason little girls dream of being princesses and little boys have make-believe sword fights. Living like kings and queens is a fantasy for all ages. Now, families can experience a taste of the life of royalty, with luxury holidays in gorgeous countryside castles.

Aldourie Castle, Scotland

Scotland is a place rich in history and beautiful countryside, famous for its clans, kilts and medieval castles, as well as poetry and festivals. Its fresh water lochs expand over 600 square miles – the most famous being Loch Ness where a mysterious monster is said to lurk in the depths of the water and has been the subject of children’s programmes, stories and films for years.

Monsters apart, the Loch has a romantic and mysterious allure all of its own and its extraordinary beauty has mesmerised visitors for centuries. With its deep waters and mountainous, tree-clad sides, Loch Ness fills most of the Great Glen, a spectacular gash dividing Highland Scotland in two. The area boasts some of the most outstanding and scenic attractions in Scotland: Urquhart Castle, the battlefield of Culloden, Moray Firth dolphins, whisky distilleries, Highland Games, and the city of Inverness, to name a few. In addition, …