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TENS machine in Pregnancy and Labour For Baby Safety

TENS is a drug-free type of pain alleviation device that is used by females in a early labour.

TENS mean Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation.

A pregnancy TENS machine includes a battery-powered, hand-held controller linked by penalty results in four level pads. The pads are covered in a company gel that aids them stay with your back.

The machine sends small, risk-free pulses of electrical present by means of the leads to the pads on your skin. The pulses pass through your skin as well as into your muscles and cells. This offers you a mild prickling or humming experience, which may be stronger or weak, depending upon the setup level.

The controller part of the TENS machine is easy to hold in your hand while you’re in labour. However if you do not want to hold it, you can clip it to your clothes or attach a strap as well as hang it around your neck.
Best TENS unit has switches that you can utilize to regulate the frequency and also strength of the pulses. There’s additionally a boost button for you to push with your thumb when you desire maximum outcome from the machine. This may aid you to make it through each contraction.

Cranial TENS is an option to maternal TENS that might help with discomfort alleviation once you’re in active labour. As opposed to pads, you use a band around your head. The band provides electrical impulses to your temple, just over your nose.

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